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Special Dvar for Pesach (Passover) 5778

Among the many customs unique to Pesach (Passover) is the eating of Maror (bitter herbs), representing the bitter times endured by our ancestors as they were slaves in Egypt. Understandably, the custom of leaning, which represents royalty, is not observed in conjunction with eating of the Maror. However, when eating Korech, which is a Matzah sandwich with Maror in the middle, we do lean as royalty. Why are we suddenly reclining?

Rabbi Shraga Simmons offers an explanation: The Korech sandwich consists of two broken pieces of Matzah with Maror in the middle, symbolizing the eternal hope for Jews to scrap together what is there to make something meaningful. That’s a cause worthy of royalty, not despite the inclusion of Maror, but because of it. May we merit to use all that we have for all that we can.