As I pondered yesterday’s post, I realized that blogs could be so much more than individual ramblings. So what next? Well, I’m glad you asked…

It’s been my dream that I somehow contribute to a global Torah movement, much like Daf Yomi did many years ago. But rather than the content being selective by nature (those that understand Gemara), wouldn’t it be great if there was a Torah/Parsha version of Daf Yomi? That is, if everyone learned the same Torah portion every day. Well, my Daily Aliya idea is to learn that day’s Aliya (already divided for us), and what better vehicle than a daily blog? How perfect! There are, however, a few kinks to work out. One, what if there is no Parsha in a given week? Do we discuss nothing? Two, what about the seventh Aliya every week? I suppose I could write after Shabbat, or the Weekly Dvar could substitute for that day’s Aliya. I’d love feedback on either, both, or anything else.

I think we can officially start April 7th, after Pesach ends. In the meantime, I need to figure out how to post these on my iphone.

Now testing iPhone updater.