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Dvar for Vezot Habracha (Deuteronomy 33:1-34:12)

In Parshat Vezot Habracha, the Torah attests to the fact that “there has never risen a prophet like Moshe” (34:1), to which the Rambam adds that nobody has, or will ever raise themselves to that level, but everyone CAN be like Moshe. Rav Wasserman asks, however, that if the Torah says that no one will ever reach Moshe’s level, how can the Rambam claim that anyone CAN?

The Lekach Tov answers that everyone has to accomplish what they can in life using the talents, abilities, and strengths that they were given. The variable that changes is the actual talents, abilities and strengths that we were given. In Moshe’s case, he was given strength and wisdom beyond all others, and he used those to the maximum of their potential. It’s only the combination of Moshe’s gifts and him USING those gifts to their max that made Moshe the best prophet the world has ever seen. The comforting lesson we can glean from this is that although Moshe’s combination of strength and wisdom will never be duplicated, the ability to use our talents and strengths is within each of us. The Torah and the Rambam is telling is that although we’ll never accomplish all that Moshe accomplished, the potential to be as great is within us, and ready for us to tap. May we all use this Parsha to push ourselves to accomplish our true potential, and rise to the greatness of Moshe in our own ways.

Shlomo Ressler