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Dvar for Vayigash (Genesis 44:18-47:27)

As Yehuda confronts Yosef for the final time, he begins with the words “bi adoni” which most translate as “please, my lord” (44:18). Yehuda continues by imploring Yosef not to be angry with him. Why is the significance of the phrasing of this appeal that made Yosef finally reveal himself?

The Kli Yakar explains that Yehuda started with “bi adoni” which actually means “it’s on me!” Yehuda finally takes responsibility for what happened to Yosef and ultimately brings them to the situation they find themselves in now. Yehuda then addresses Yosef from Yosef’s perspective even though he knew it wasn’t Binyamin that stole the goblet in question. This ability to view a situation from another’s perspective, along with taking responsibility for previous actions, are essential ingredients to moving forward and forming a cohesive family.

Shlomo Ressler