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Dvar for Vayetzei (Genesis 28:10-32:1)

On his journey to Charan, Yaakov (Jacob) sleeps and dreams of a ladder connecting heaven and earth, with angels climbing and descending it. In the dream, G-d promises Yaakov the land upon which he is sleeping. When he wakes up, Yaakov “lifted his feet” and went on his way (29:1). Why does the Torah use such strange wording for Yaakov continuing his journey?

Rashi quotes the Midrash that explains that after hearing good news, Yaakov was in a good mood, adding a pep in his step. The Lekach Tov further explains that before his dream, Yaakov thought that his journey was derailed due to his circumstances, having to run away from his brother’s fury. His dream confirmed that his experiences are part of his adventure and that it was all part of the plan. The dream taught Yaakov and us an important lesson: Where we are is where we’re meant to be, so seize the present, lift our feet and look forward.