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Dvar for Vaetchanan (Deuteronomy 3:23-7:11)

Moshe urges the people to follow the rules of the Torah as they enter their new land and avoid being tempted by outside influences. Moshe ends by famously proclaiming that “you who cleave to the Lord your G-d are alive, all of you, today” (4:4). Whoever is reading this is clearly alive, so why state the obvious, and what is the overall meaning of the exclamation? Also, why is there a double reference to G-d?

The Ohr Hachaim suggests a beautiful flow and significance to this passuk. If one starts by clinging “to the Lord” with mere actions (first reference to G-d), that person will find that G-d will become “your G-d” (second reference to G-d), a causality which will lead to feeling altogether more alive and in the present. Having our actions dictated by a higher and noble purpose will prompt more awareness, enabling us to appreciate and enjoy the gift of the present.