The Torah describes the garments worn by Aaron (as high priest) and his sons (as priests), as girded with sashes (belts) and hats and that “the priesthood shall be a statute for them forever…” (29:9). Why does the Torah use the discussion of the kohanim’s belts and hats as the opportunity to convey the permanence of the priesthood?

Rav S. R. Hirsch points out that the belts and hats of the kohanim (priests) and kohel gadol (high priest) were purposely identical. Although the roles of priests and the high priest are different, the goal is to consolidate everyone’s energies toward a common goal. Rather than focusing on our individual roles, strengths, and situations, we should focus on our common goals and objectives. Focusing on what unites us, rather than what divides us, will ensure that we reach our goals together.