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Dvar for Pinchas (Numbers 25:10-30:1)

Parshat Pinchas describes the different sacrifices offered for each of the major holidays. While most of this is repetitive, there are variations worth noting. While the offerings for last 6 days of Pesach are identical, the offerings for Succot change daily. The sacrifices for Shavuot are different in that they include a unique offering of the first fruits of the season. Why are there differences in sacrifices and what is their significance?

Rabbi Berel Wein explains that because Pesach represents a singular set of events its sacrifices are repeated, helping to focus on the exodus itself. Succot, on the other hand, represent G-d’s oversight and us dealing with daily life, thus requiring a varied approach and new individualized focus. That’s why the sacrifices change daily, as does life. The third variation is that of Shavuot, when we bring from the first fruit of the land, highlighting our ability to use resources around us, and to create positivity and giving selflessly by different means at our disposal. 

Shlomo Ressler