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Daily Aliya for Yitro, Sheni (2nd Aliya)

Aliya Summary: Yitro observed Moshe adjudicating all the disputes that arose among the Israelites. Yitro suggested to Moshe that such a system, one that placed such a great burden on Moshe’s shoulders, would eventually wear him down. Instead, he advised Moshe to appoint a hierarchy of wise and righteous judges and to delegate his responsibilities—with Moshe presiding only over the most difficult cases. This would also free up Moshe’s time to teach the Israelites the teachings of the Torah that he hears from G‑d.

Why does it take an outsider to realize that Moshe was doing things inefficiently? Many times we’re so busy getting through our lives that we fail to stop and see the bigger picture. Meanwhile, our friends and family see snapshots of our lives, and can often point out things we may not realize or notice. Such was the case with Yitro, who wasn’t caught up in the whirlwind of miracles and life-changing events. To Moshe’s credit, he realized Yitro’s suggestions were good ones, and adapted them.