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Daily Aliya for Vayigash, Shvii (7th Aliya)

Aliya Summary: While Joseph supplied his family with food, the rest of Egypt was in a desperate plight. First they expended all their money in exchange for food that Joseph sold them. Then their money ran out, and they paid for provisions with their cattle. Finally, when they had no money or chattel left, they sold their land and themselves to Pharaoh into servitude in exchange for provisions. Meanwhile, in the land of Goshen, Jacob’s family prospered and multiplied exceedingly.

Yosef did two things because of his sensitivities – he segregated his family from the rest of Egypt so that others wouldn’t see how nicely they were living, and he also gave them food as it was needed (47:12), and not in excess. This is derived from the words “according to the young children”.