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Daily Aliya for Vayetzei, Sheni (2nd Aliya)

Aliya Summary: Jacob continued on his journey, and arrived at a well located on the outskirts of Charan. Upon seeing Rachel, Lavan’s younger daughter, arriving with her father’s sheep, Jacob single-handedly rolled off the heavy rock that sat atop the well, and gave water to the flock. Rachel told her father about the new arrival, and Lavan rushed out to greet Jacob. Jacob went to Lavan’s home, and after spending a month, Lavan offered Jacob the job of tending to his herds, and asked Jacob what he wished in terms of wages.

Medrash Rabah explains that as soon as Yakov was assured protection in his travels, he “lifted his feet” and headed east, which means that he was so excited to go that traveling seemed effortless. Similarly, when Yakov was near the the well where the shepherds were waiting for a crowd big enough to collectively lift the cover off, as soon as Yakov saw Rachel he was able to lift the cover single-handedly. Mood and attitude have everything to do with what we accomplish in life. That’s why it’s a Mitzvah to be happy, and happiness starts with appreciation.