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Daily Aliya for Vayeshev, Shvii (7th Aliya)

Aliya Summary: Two of Pharaoh’s officers, his butler and baker, aroused the royal ire and were cast into prison— the same one that Joseph was now administering. One night, they both had odd dreams, and Joseph interpreted them. Joseph told the butler that he’d soon be released and restored to Pharaoh’s service. The baker was told by Joseph that he would soon be hung. Joseph pleaded with the butler to mention his plight to Pharaoh, and ask for his release. Three days later, both of Joseph’s interpretations came true; but the butler forgot all about Joseph.

Commentaries explain that Yosef shouldn’t have asked the butler for help, because that would give the butler too much credit if he actually did help Yosef, which would then minimize G-d’s help. But what’s the balance? Should he not have tried, and relied totally on G-d? Or should he/we make an effort when presented with the possibility? It’s a question that requires further study, and probably applied to each situation individually.