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Daily Aliya for Vayelech, Shishi (6th Aliya)

Aliya Summary: When G‑d’s wrath will find the Israelites as a consequence of their evil actions, they will claim that the misfortunes are befalling them because G‑d has abandoned them. At that time, the song which Moshe and Joshua wrote will bear testimony that these events are in fact punishment for their sinful behavior.

Rambam says that Moshe wrote 13 Torahs – one for each tribe and one in the care of the Kohanim/Leviim) and taught it to the People. G-d “commanded” Yehoshua to be strong and courageous in his new role as leader. Moshe completed the writing of the Torah. Some say that Moshe even wrote the final 8 p’sukim of the Torah, which discuss his death. Some say Yehoshua wrote them.