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Daily Aliya for Vayelech, Sheni (2nd Aliya)

Aliya Summary: Moshe continued his talk: G‑d will vanquish the inhabitants of Canaan as He did the Emorites and Bashanites. Moshe enjoined the Israelites to be strong and not fear their enemies.

“For G-d, your G-d, He will go before you…” Why YOUR G-d? Why not Elokeinu – OUR G-d? One commentator suggests that this is a poignant reminder that Moshe Rabeinu will not be entering the Land of Israel, as will all the people to whom he is speaking. The Talmud states that he who dwells outside of Israel, is like one who has no G-d. Moshe, alas, will remain in Chutz LaAretz.