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Daily Aliya for Vayelech, Chamishi (5th Aliya)

Aliya Summary: G‑d commanded Moshe to enter the Tabernacle together with Joshua. G‑d appeared to them both and informed them that a time will come when the Israelites will abandon G‑d and stray after alien gods. At that time, G‑d will hide His countenance from the nation, and they will be subjected to much evils and troubles. Therefore, G‑d says, “Write for yourselves this song, and teach it to the Children of Israel. Place it into their mouths, in order that this song will be for Me as a witness…” This ‘song’ is narrated in next week’s Torah reading.

This prophecy of Bnei Yisrael turning from G-d need never have happened. We always have the ability to not let a negative prophecy come true. Even if G-d tells Moshe that this was going to happen, every generation can behave properly and, in effect say, We won’t let it happen to us. Unfortunately, it did come to pass, more than once. But it doesn’t have to, and it is our challenge to not let it happen.