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Daily Aliya for Vaetchanan, Rishon (1st Aliya)

General Overview: In this week’s Torah reading, Va’etchanan, Moshe continues his attempt to impress upon the Israelites the importance of following G‑d’s commandments, the rewards which will result from obeying G‑d’s words, and the punishments they will incur if they neglect to do so. Moshe recounts the story of the giving of Torah at Mount Sinai, and repeats the Ten Commandments. Moshe designates cities of refuge. This portion also contains the Shema.

Aliya Summary: Moshe recounts how he pleaded with G‑d to allow him entry into Israel. G‑d refused this request, but instructed Moshe to climb a mountain from where he would see the Promised Land. Moshe enjoins the people to follow G‑d’s law, and never to add to or detract from it. Moshe uses the Baal Peor incident to demonstrate that those who remained faithful to G‑d survived and thrived.