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Daily Aliya for Tzav, Shishi (6th Aliya)

Aliya Summary: The second ram was then offered and several procedures, as specified in the Torah, followed. Moshe Rabeinu was an active participant in the 7-day inauguration period for the Mishkan. Thereafter, Aharon and his sons (and all kohanim) are the ones who perform the sacred service of the Mikdash.

Some commentators speculate that had Moshe accepted his first mission at the Bush without continually claiming his inabilities, he would have been the Kohen Gadol as well as Leader (Melech) of the People. Instead, Aharon was “given to him” then, to share the burdens of leadership. Moshe was acutely aware that he was to pass the baton to Aharon in this vital area of communal and spiritual function. It must have been difficult for Moshe to step back at this point.