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Daily Aliya for Toldot, Sheni (2nd Aliya)

Aliya Summary: Isaac settled in Philistine. When the townspeople inquired regarding his wife, he told them that she was his sister, fearing that otherwise the Philistines would kill him in order to take Rivka. Eventually, Avimelech, king of the Philistines, noticed that Rivka was Isaac’s wife and though he reprimanded Isaac, he issued a decree that no one touch them. While in Philistine, Isaac sowed crops, and miraculously harvested a hundred times more than a field’s normal yield.

The first famine that drove Avraham and Sarah to Egypt, when Paroh discovers their true relationship, he sends them away. The second time, when they went to Gerar and said they were brother and sister, and were then “discovered”, Avimelech gives them many things and invites them to stay. (Paroh had given Avraham great wealth, but it was before he knew.) Yitzchak and Rivka also say they are siblings, but no one takes Rivka. When they are “found out”, they stick around. Why stay? The answer is because G-d told them to stay, but the reason why it was ok for them to stay might be because the men (and king) were decent enough not to have taken Rivka, although they thought she was single.