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Daily Aliya for Toldot, Rishon (1st Aliya)

General Overview: In this week’s Parsha, Toldot, Yakov and Esav are born. Isaac relocates to Philistine where he digs wells, resulting in friction between him and the locals. Rivka and Yakov successfully deceive Isaac, tricking him into giving to Yakov the blessings he had intended for Esav.

Aliya Summary: Rivka had trouble conceiving. Isaac and Rivka prayed for children, and after twenty years of marriage Rivka became pregnant. She was concerned about her exceedingly difficult pregnancy, and was advised by G‑d that this was due to two children – two nations – struggling in her womb. She gave birth to twin boys: a hairy, ruddy boy named Esav, and a second son, born clutching his brother’s heel, named Yakov. Esav became a hunter, while Yakov was an honest man who frequented the schools of Torah. Isaac favored Esav, while Rivka preferred Yakov. One day, Esav came home from the field hungry, and pleaded with Yakov to give him some of the stew he was cooking. Yakov agreed to Esav’s request provided that he give him his birthright as firstborn in exchange—and Esav acceded to this barter. There was a famine in Canaan, and Isaac was escaping the famine by traveling to Egypt via Philistine when G‑d told him to remain in Philistine. G‑d also informed Isaac that he would visit upon him all the blessings He had promised to Avraham.