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Daily Aliya for Toldot, Revii (4th Aliya)

Aliya Summary: Yitzchak sets himself up in Be’er Sheva. G-d appears to him and reiterates the promises for prosperity made to Avraham. Yitzchak builds an altar to G-d and continues to prosper. Avimelech, realizing that his own prosperity was due to the presence of Yitzchak, comes with a delegation to Yitzchak in order to enter into a covenant with him.

The Baal HaTurim notes that when G-d speaks to Yitzchak, He does not use the name associated with Divine Mercy, as He had done with Avraham and will do with Yaakov. Avraham and Yaakov went through difficult times, but they were treated, so to speak, with an element of Mercy. Yitzchak’s trials and tribulations were without G-d’s mercy, because Yitzchak had a certain extra strength of character that can withstand powerful trials. Is that fair? Or was Yitzchak tested because he needed to be (for his and our sake), because he could pass those tests, and because his reward is that much greater than those tested less?