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Daily Aliya for Tetzaveh, Shlishi (3rd Aliya)

Aliya Summary: This Aliya describes the last two of the garments which were exclusive to the High Priest: the me’il and the tzitz. The me’il was a blue robe which was adorned with golden bells and cloth “pomegranates.” Thetzitz was a golden band worn on the forehead, which was engraved with the words “Holy to G‑d.” The Torah then describes the four garments worn by both the High Priest and the regular priests: tunics, turbans, sashes and pants.

The Avneit was 32 Amot long, approx. 16m of belt. It took a long time to put on and it produced a large bulge that the Kohen always felt when he put his arms at his sides. Similarly, the Kohen’s turban was wound from 16 Amot of linen strip and probably “sat heavy” on the kohen’s head. Sources say that a kohen saw his turban whenever he raised his eyes. Similarly, the Kutonet was almost floor length and long sleeved, so the kohen always noticed his garments during Avoda. This “guaranteed” that the kohen would have proper concentration during his sacred service.