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Daily Aliya for Tetzaveh, Chamishi (5th Aliya)

Aliya Summary: The Torah continues describing the procedure for the offering, and the consumption of the inaugural sacrifices. G‑d commands Moshe to repeat this inaugural service for a seven day period, after which the consecration will be complete. Also included in this section is a description of how future High Priests are to be inducted.

The Parsha (and this particular Aliya) goes through so many rules about who can enjoy which sacrifice, and where they can eat their portion. If a sacrifice has been brought to G-d, it would seem that who eats the leftovers would be an insignificant afterthought. Unless, that is, you step back at the bigger picture: A sacrifice is brought either because someone transgressed a commandment, or as appreciation for something having happened to them. Either way, the point of the sacrifice is to strengthen the bond between the person and G-d. The sacrifice isn’t for G-d’s benefit, but for ours. Therefore, what happens to every step in its offering is important to US. Te sacrifice represents our willingness to give of our possessions, and through that giving others close to G-d benefit from your actions. The Kohen benefits from your leftovers, you benefit from expressing your bond with G-d, and G-d benefits by having better Jews.