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Daily Aliya for Teruma, Sheni (2nd Aliya)

Aliya Summary: A thick, solid gold lid is to be made for the Aron. From the lid are to be formed two Cherubs facing each other with their wings spread out above the lid. Communication from G-d will be from “between the two K’ruvim”. A special table of gold-plated wood shall be made; a frame and decorative border to the frame are to be made of gold. Four gold rings are to be attached to the legs of the table as receptacles for the carrying rods. Shelves and supports for the shelves complete the Shulchan. The Lechem Panim (Showbread) are to be placed on the Shulchan at all times.

This is not considered just a detail of the making of the Shulchan, but as its own mitzvah. The mitzvah involved baking 12 special loaves (they were halachically matza) on Friday to replace the previous week’s loaves on Shabbat. Tradition records a weekly miracle that the one week old bread was found to be fresh by the kohanim on duty who shared in the Lechem HaPanim. This mitzvah makes a statement: We should not view food as just the physical necessity, but rather we are challenged to add a spiritual dimension to even the most mundane of our human activities. The Lechem HaPanim are the model; our laws of kashrut, brachot, and more help us achieve the spiritual levels of this concept.