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Daily Aliya for Teruma, Rishon (1st Aliya)

G-d tells Moshe to tell the People to donate materials in amounts that “each person sees fit”. The donations were to be of gold, silver, copper; dyed wools (blue, purple, red), fine linen; goats-hair fabric, red-dyed sheepskin, Tachash skins; acacia wood; oil for light, spices for the anointing oil and the incense offerings; gemstones for the Eiphod and the Choshen.

“And they shall make for Me a Sanctuary, and I will dwell in their midst”. This well-known passuk constitutes the mitzvah to build the Mishkan in that generation, and the Temple in later times. Each time the Mishkan was taken apart, transported, and reassembled, the mitzva was fulfilled. It was fulfilled by King Solomon and his generation, by Ezra and his generation, and it will be fulfilled when the third Beit HaMikdash will be built. Some commentaries interpret the word b’tocham as within Jew, not just in the midst of the People.