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Daily Aliya for Tazria, Sheni (2nd Aliya)

Aliya Summary: At the conclusion of the quarantine period, the priest either declares the individual pure or impure. The Torah then discusses what is done in the event that the tzara’at spreads after the individual was declared pure, or if there is raw skin within the tzara’at, or if the tzara’at has spread over the entire body.

The laws of Nega’im are difficult and complex. In addition to everything else, the kohen had to know the psychology of the cases and be sensitive to the personal situations of the afflicted. That fact, along with the fact that shades of colors are often subject to the observer’s perspective, proves that this affliction and subsequent remedy is a very personal experience, meant to promote proper behavior and involving more objective and knowledgeable Jews (and people) in our lives.