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Daily Aliya for Tazria-Metzora, Revii (4th Aliya)

Aliya Summary: At the conclusion of the quarantine period, depending on the circumstances the garment is either declared pure, or completely burnt, or only the part which was discolored is torn out and burnt. The Torah then describes the purification procedure for a person who contracted tzara’at. After the priest determines that the tzara’at has been healed, a ceremony involving two birds, a cedar plank, a scarlet thread and water from a live stream, is used for the initial stage of the purification. The individual also shaves his entire body. After a seven day wait, the person shaves again, and brings three animals and an oil offering to the Temple. The priest processes the offerings in the manner prescribed in this section. With this the purification process is completed.

The fact that there was such a thing as an affliction of a garment tells us something. We are dealing with different ways that G-d communicates his “displeasure” with us, as individuals. Today, we might say, His communication is more subtle – but we must see it… and react appropriately.