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Daily Aliya for Shoftim, Shishi (6th Aliya)

Aliya Summary (from and A minimum of two witnesses are required to secure a conviction in a capital or corporal punishment case. Individuals who testify falsely are liable to receive the punishment which they sought to have imposed upon their innocent victim. The procedure for battle is outlined in this Aliya . When approaching the battlefield, a Kohen addresses the troops, admonishing them not to fear the enemy, and listing the various individuals who are exempt from military duty, such as one who has recently betrothed a woman or built a new home, or a fainthearted and fearful person.

One may not encroach upon another’s territory. Although stealing is already forbidden, this prohibition extends to other forms of encroachment, e.g. unfair competition that steals someone’s business. Can a particular neighborhood support two pizza shops, or is the second one in violation of this prohibition? The new lawyer who has just passed the bar gets some clients that used to belong to an older lawyer in the community. There are many situations which might not “qualify” under the letter of the law, but would be a violation of the spirit of this prohibition. The solution? A heightened degree of sensitivity to what the ramifications of one’s action will be.