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Daily Aliya for Shoftim, Sheni (2nd Aliya)

Aliya Summary: Moshe instructs the Israelites to coronate a king after they enter Israel. A Jewish king may not amass an excessive amount of horses, wives, or personal wealth. The king writes for himself two Torah scrolls. One of them remains with him at all times — a constant reminder to remain humble and follow G‑d’s Law.

The reason given for the people wanting a king is in order to be like all the other nations around us (17:14), which doesn’t seem like a very good or noble reason for wanting a king. And yet G-d tells us that it’s alright, so long as we choose and act appropriately. Like wearing Tzitzit under our shirts, and many other Mitzvot, there are ways to be “normal” and yet be different, ways to be better without teasing others about it. So the Torah allows us to have a king, to have other “normal” things (armies, clothes), but have it with higher standards than anyone else.