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Daily Aliya for Shemot, Shishi (6th Aliya)

Aliya Summary: Moshe took his wife and two sons and headed for Egypt. G‑d charged Moshe to warn Pharaoh: “So said G‑d, ‘My firstborn son is Israel. So I say to you, send out My son so that he will worship Me. And if you refuse to send him out, behold, I will slay your firstborn son.'” En route to Egypt, Moshe’s wife rescued her husband from divine wrath by performing a circumcision on their son. Moshe met Aaron, who had come from Egypt to greet him, and together they went to Egypt, gathered the elders and performed the wondrous signs that G‑d had given Moshe.

Rashi says that the donkey that Moshe used to bring his family to Mitzrayim was the same one that Avraham took to the Akeida and the one that the Moshiach will ride upon. Why not a regular donkey? To convey the idea that these monumental events were not haphazard or random, but specially prepared parts of G-d’s master plan for the world.