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Daily Aliya for Shemot, Chamishi (5th Aliya)

Aliya Summary: G‑d gave Moshe specific instructions: He was to gather the Israelite elders and inform them that G‑d had remembered them and would now rescue them from Egypt and bring them to a Land of Milk and Honey. Then he was to approach Pharaoh and request permission to leave along with the Israelites. G‑d informed Moshe that Pharaoh would not accede to this request – but the redemption would come nonetheless, after G‑d will smite Egypt with a strong arm. At that point the Israelites would leave with much riches. G‑d gave Moshe three miracles to perform before the Israelites to prove that he was sent by G‑d. When Moshe protested that he was not suited to be G‑d’s messenger due to his speech impediment, G‑d assigned his brother Aaron to be his spokesperson.

The Midrash says that Moshe had several names – Yered, Chever, Y’kutiel, Avigdor, Avi-Socho, Avi-Zanu’ach, Tovia, Heiman, Sh’maya. The Midrash further tells us that of all his names he is only called Moshe – even by G-d – to give honor to the acts of kindness of the one who found him and saved him from the water -Paroh’s daughter.