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Daily Aliya for Shemini, Chamishi (5th Aliya)

Aliya Summary: Moshe becomes aware that one of the sin offerings had been burnt, rather than eaten. When he expresses his displeasure, Aaron explains his reasoning for ordering the burning of that particular offering, and Moshe humbly accepts Aaron’s explanation.

Moshe gets angry with Elazar and Itamar for not eating of the korbanot, as they were instructed to do. Aharon defends his sons’ behavior by explaining that the loss of their brothers would make a “business as usual” attitude unacceptable in G-d’s eyes. Moshe accepts Aharon’s words. Our Sages teach us to learn from Moshe Rabbeinu. Just as he was not embarrassed to admit that he did not know (or did not remember) learning a point, so should we readily admit it when we do not know something.