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Daily Aliya for Shelach, Shvii (7th Aliya)

Aliya Summary: We now learn the rules regarding an individual who is guilty of an idolatrous practice — whether inadvertently or intentionally. A man is found desecrating the Shabbat, and is executed. The last part of this week’s reading discusses the commandment of putting tzitzit (fringes) on four-cornered garments. When looking at the fringes we remember all the commandments and refrain from following the temptations of the heart.

Why is the Mitzvah (commandment) of tzitzit so important that it’s mentioned twice a day? Some say that the blue string reminds us of water, which reminds us of heaven, which would remind us of G-d. A bit far fetched, but I guess if we learn to associate all those things, it would work. But tzitzit also represent the possibility of always performing a positive commandment. With every second that we wear the tzitzit we get a mitzvah, plus the added benefit of remembering the others. It possibly represents doing what we can right now, as well as thinking of other good deeds we can do in the future, thereby representing the present and the future in a positive color (blue). Not a bad thing to keep in mind as often as possible…