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Daily Aliya for Shelach, Shishi (6th Aliya)

From The mitzvah of challah is contained in this Aliya: when one kneads dough, a portion must be taken and given to the priest. If the Sanhedrin (rabbinic supreme court) erroneously permits an act of idolatry, and the community acts upon this permission, the Sanhedrin must bring a special sin-offering, detailed in this section.

I wonder if Vegas could place odds on the Rabbinic Supreme Court mistakenly permitting idolatry, what they would be. Nonetheless, with the Jews’ magnitude of sins raised to new levels previously in this Parsha, it’s no surprise that even this was now a possibility. Contrary to initial perception, this isn’t a condemnation, it’s stating the real truth that mistakes can and WILL happen, and as long as we understand that the mistakes we make are mistakes and not statements against our beliefs, nothing is beyond forgiveness, even violating one of the ten commandments. This is an important quality to emulate, that of forgiveness of loved ones that have made mistakes, so long as the understanding is there, that it was in fact a mistake, and not a new reality.