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Daily Aliya for Re’eh, Rishon (1st Aliya)

General Overview: In this week’s reading, Re’eh, Moshe continues addressing the Israelites just before he passes away; just before the Israelites cross the Jordan River and enter the land of Israel. Moshe commands the Israelites to proclaim certain blessings and curses on Mount Grizzim and Mount Eval after they enter the land of Israel. He directs them to destroy all vestiges of idolatry from the Promised Land. They must then designate a city where the Divine presence will dwell in the Holy Temple, and they are forbidden from offering sacrifices elsewhere. Other topics discussed in this portion are: tithes, false prophets, the wayward city, tattoos, kashrut, the Sabbatical Year, charity, and the festivals.

Aliya Summary: Moshe informs the Israelites that they can be the recipients of either blessings or curses — blessings if they obey G‑d’s commandments, and curses if they do not. He further instructs them to proclaim blessings on Mount Grizzim and curses on Mount Ebal — the exact procedure of this ceremony will be described in the Ki Tavo Torah reading (Deuteronomy 27:11-16). Moshe then commands the Israelites to destroy all idols and their accessories that they will find when they enter Israel. He informs the nation that in the future G‑d will designate a specific location (Jerusalem) where He will choose to rest His Presence. All sacrifices must be offered in this location.