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Daily Aliya for Pinchas, Shvi’i (7th Aliya)

Aliya Summary: This Aliya discusses the sacrifices offered on the holidays of Succot and Shemini Atzeret.

During the seven days of Succot 70 bulls , 14 rams and 98 lambs were sacrificed. Rashi explains that the bulls represented the 70 nations, explaining that the sacrifices “shielded them from adversity”. It’s unclear if the Jews were shielded, or the nations were. I’d like to think that both are true, and that as the nation with the closest relationship with G-d, we shield the world from adversity. In those days it was with sacrifices, and these days it’s with morality, even when facing hostile and tense situations. As a “light unto the nations”, it’s always been the Jews’ responsibility to “represent”.