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Daily Aliya for Pinchas, Shlishi (3rd Aliya)

Aliya Summary: As per G‑d’s command, the land of Israel was to be divided amongst all those who were counted in the census. The location of each tribe’s portion would be determined by lottery. The tribe of Levi is now counted. There were 23,000 Levite males above the age of one month. The daughters of Tzelophchad approached Moshe and stated that their father had died leaving behind only daughters. They requested to receive their father’s portion in the land of Israel. Moshe relayed their request to G‑d.

The daughters of Tzelophchad weren’t the first active women in Jewish history, but their actions commanded respect because of the underlying desire to be a part of the land distribution, and the Jewish nation. Their argument was logical, respectful and fair. This is yet another example of a maturing people, having learned how not to argue for what they thought was fair, and finally making a point. We’re seeing the growth of a nation, in numbers, experience and maturity.