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Daily Aliya for Pinchas, Rishon (1st Aliya)

General Overview: Pinchas is rewarded for his bravery. A census of the Israelites is taken. The daughters of Tzelophchad successfully argue for a portion in the land of Israel. Joshua is ordained Moshe’s successor. G‑d relays to Moshe the details of all the holiday sacrifices.

Aliya Summary: Last week’s reading concluded with Moabite and Midianite women seducing Jewish men and enticing them to idol worship. At that point, Pinchas unilaterally executed a Jewish leader along with the Midianite princess with whom he was cohabiting. This week’s reading opens with G‑d praising Pinchas, and rewarding his bravery by granting priesthood to him and his descendants. G‑d then commands the Jews to punish the Midianites by hounding and smiting them. The fulfillment of this command is described in next week’s reading. G‑d commands Moses and Elazar the High Priest to conduct a census of all males over the age of twenty.