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Daily Aliya for Pinchas, Revi’i (4th Aliya)

Aliya Summary: G‑d agreed to Tzlophchad’s daughters’ request. Moshe is then instructed the laws of inheritance. Included in these laws is a daughter’s right to her father’s estate if he does not leave any sons. G‑d tells Moshe to climb to the top of Mount Abarim from where he would see the Promised Land before he died. Moshe asks G‑d to appoint a worthy individual to succeed him. G‑d instructs Moshe to endow Joshua with some of his spiritual powers and publicly name him as his successor.

When Moshe was shown the land he yearned to enter but was not allowed to, he had a choice. He could have been bitter, or happy that at least his people were finally about to enter the promised land. What was his main concern when he saw the land? That a worthy successor be chosen to lead the Jews into the land. And when G-d told Moshe to lay his hand on Yehoshua (Joshua), his successor, Moshe laid TWO hands, bestowed some of his wisdom and radiance upon Joshua, encouraged him to see all his people as individuals, and to lead by example. True leadership 101: Empowering a successor to succeed.