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Daily Aliya for Noach, Rishon (1st Aliya)

General Overview: In this week’s reading, Noach, Noach and his family, along with at least one pair of each living creature, survive the Flood by taking refuge in an Ark. The erection of the Tower of Babel angers G‑d, and leads to the dispersal of Noach’s descendants. Abraham and Sarah are born.

Aliya Summary: While society as a whole descended into a state of anarchy and utter corruption, only Noach remained righteous and faithful to G‑d’s ways. Noach was informed by G‑d that a mabul (“flood”) will soon destroy all of civilization, and only Noach and his immediate family would survive in a teivah (“ark,” boat) that he was to build. G‑d gave Noach the exact dimensions of the teivah he was to build, and commanded Noach to bring along into the teivah specimens of every species of animal and bird to repopulate the world after the mabul, and to stock the boat with food to feed all its inhabitants.