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Daily Aliya for Nitzavim-Vayelech, Sheni (2nd Aliya)

Aliya Summary: Moshe informed the Israelites what will occur after they are exiled from their land due to their sins. Eventually they will wholeheartedly return to G‑d, and G‑d will gather them from the furthest reaches of the heavens and return them to the land of their forefathers. At that point, Moshe says, “G‑d will ‘circumcise’ your heart and the heart of your offspring, so that you may love the L-rd your G‑d with all your heart and with all your soul.”

There’s another way we can look at things here: Teshuva is a gift from G-d. He doesn’t have to command it, He just has to let it be possible, and we should jump at the opportunity. The Torah doesn’t have to tell us to repent, just how to do it. Yet Vidui, verbal confession, is a positive commandment. That means that doing something good for ourselves (eliminating harmful behavior) is not only good for us inherently, but also earns us double points (could this be the origin??).