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Daily Aliya for Nitzavim, Sheni (2nd Aliya)

Aliya Summary: This covenant established the Israelites as G‑d’s exclusive nation. The covenant, Moshe explained, was not limited to those who were physically present on that day, rather it included all future generations of Jews, as well.

OU: The second three-pasuk set proclaim that it is not just the entire People of Israel who were alive at the time, who are making this covenant with G-d, it is also our ancestors to whom G-d made His special promises, and to the generations of Jews in the past AND the future, whose spirit (souls) we represent at this covenant. Perhaps this is the meaning of the prophecy to Avraham that his descendants will be as countless as the stars of the heavens. Take the millions of Jews alive today, add the millions who have preceded us, add the – how many more? – future generations, and we can truly be called “without number”. Nations that have come to an end, can be numbered. An eternal people cannot ever be counted.