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Daily Aliya for Mishpatim, Shvii (7th Aliya)

Aliya Summary: This Aliya continues describing the blessings the Israelites will receive if they faithfully serve G‑d: no miscarriages or barren women, longevity, wide spacious borders and supernatural assistance in their quest to conquer the Holy Land. G‑d warns the Israelites against entering into treaties with the Canaanite natives or allowing them to remain in the land after the Israelite invasion. The Torah now relates some of the events that occurred in the days immediately prior to the giving of the Torah. Moshe went up the mountain and received a message from G‑d which he communicated to the people. The Israelites enthusiastically committed themselves to following all of G‑d’s laws. Moshe transcribed the “Book of the Covenant” and read it to the people. Then, together with the Israelite firstborn, Moshe offered sacrifices and sprinkled the blood on the people, bringing them into a covenant with G‑d. This Aliya concludes with G‑d summoning Moshe – after the giving of the Torah – to ascend the mountain where he would remain for forty days and nights, and would then be given the Tablets.

G-d promises that we will live full satisfying lives and that our enemies will panic before us and will be driven out of the Land – not quickly, but slowly, so that the People of Israel may properly populate the Land. Why not with a quick miracle? The answer is that miracles are nice, but we needed (and need) to get accustomed and in tune with daily miracles that are less obvious, but not less miraculous and necessary.