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Daily Aliya for Mishpatim, Shlishi (3rd Aliya)

Aliya Summary: An arsonist is liable for damages caused by fires he ignites. The Torah then details the potential liabilities of an individual who undertakes to be a guardian of another’s possessions, a borrower, and a renter. More laws: the punishment for seducing a young woman, sorcery, bestiality and offering an idolatrous sacrifice; prohibitions against harassing a foreigner, widow, or orphan; the mitzvah of lending money to the poor and the prohibition against lending with interest.

The prohibition against mistreating a foreigner is worded differently than the one against mistreating an orphan or widow. There is a reason given for not mistreating a foreigner, because we were once foreigners in Egypt. How is that relevant, and why does there have to be a reason? Can’t it just be a law that we must follow, just like the orphan and widow commandment? Unless there is a deeper requirement involved – one of empathizing with others whenever possible. The Torah might be telling us not to simply follow the laws, but to try and feel what others are feeling, whenever possible.