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Daily Aliya for Miketz, Shvii (7th Aliya)

Aliya Summary: Upon seeing his brother Benjamin, Joseph was overcome with emotion, which he concealed. The brothers sat down and enjoyed a feast, and Joseph presented them all with gifts—Benjamin’s gift greater than all the others’. In the morning the brothers departed, but not before Joseph had his royal goblet planted in Benjamin’s sack of food. Joseph then dispatched a posse to confront the brothers and “uncover” the planted goblet. The brothers were all brought back to Joseph, who demanded that the “thief,” Benjamin alone, remain behind as his slave.

By giving Binyamin a bigger gift, Yosef was creating the potential for jealousy so that the brothers would be put into a similar situation as with him. Yosef was testing them to see how they would react, and if they’d matured and learned from the mistakes they had made with him.