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Daily Aliya for Miketz, Shishi (6th Aliya)

Aliya Summary: The brothers arrived in Egypt. Joseph instructed his palace supervisor to invite the brothers to join him for the afternoon repast. The brothers arrived at Joseph’s residence where they were reunited with Simon. Joseph arrived, and the brothers presented him with the gift they had prepared, and they exchanged pleasantries.

After years of being away from his family, and all the machinations to create the situation they’re in, Yosef finally gets to see his brothers, and specifically his own blood brother, Binyamin. Rather than focusing on himself and all the time he couldn’t spend with them and with his brother, Yosef’s first words to Binyamin was a blessing for G-d to favor him (43:29). The Medrash explains that all the brothers were blessed with this, but that was before Binyamin was born, so Yosef evened the blessing field by blessing only Binyamin. This just underscores the incredible selflessness of Yosef, not to have been thinking of himself and his sorrow. A further proof could be when the Passuk says that Yosef “lifted his eyes” and saw Binyamin. In addition to adding to the drama of the moment, why were Yosef’s eyes down? If he were just looking at his brothers bowing to him, he wouldn’t need to lift anything. Unless he lowered his face to avoid seeing his brothers in that state. Another possible sign of modesty and selflessness on Yosef’s part.