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Daily Aliya for Miketz, Sheni (2nd Aliya)

Aliya Summary: Pharaoh recounted his dreams to Joseph. Joseph told Pharaoh that both dreams contained a singular message: seven years of plenty were destined to come upon Egypt, followed by seven years of severe famine. Joseph proposed a plan to store the excess grain of the years of plenty, to serve as a reserve for the famine years to follow. Pharaoh was greatly impressed by Joseph’s wisdom.

When Paroh called Yosef, he said that he heard that Yosef understood dreams, to which Yosef responded that it wasn’t his wisdom, but that it was G-d’s wisdom that he was relaying. At the end of Yosef’s interpretation of Paroh’s dream, he recommends that Paroh designate someone in charge of managing the excess food in preparation for the drought. Was that still G-d’s wisdom, or was that his own? Or is the wisdom G-d imparted “downloaded” to Yosef, and Yosef incorporated it into his words and suggestions? Since the Torah doesn’t specify when the interpretation ended and his suggestion began, it’s most likely that Yosef incorporated (i.e. owned) G-d’s wisdom, most likely through the knowledge he attained while learning in the Yeshiva if Shem and Eiver.