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Daily Aliya for Metzora, Rishon (1st Aliya)

General Overview: This week’s reading, Metzora, discusses the purification process for one who contracts “tzara’at” (skin maladies which are contracted as a result of engaging in forbidden gossip), and the symptoms and laws of “house tzara’at,” indicated by certain brick discolorations. Following is a discussion of various ritual impurities, including the laws of the menstruating woman.

Aliya Summary: The Torah reading begins with a description of the purification procedure for a person who contracted tzara’at. After the priest determines that the tzara’at has been healed, a ceremony involving two birds, a cedar plank, a scarlet thread and water from a live stream, is used for the initial stage of the purification. The individual also shaves their entire body. After a seven day wait, the person shaves again, and brings three animals and an oil offering to the Temple.