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Daily Aliya for Lech Lecha, Shlishi (3rd Aliya)

Aliya Summary: Lot, who had accompanied Avram and Sarai, was independently wealthy. When Lot’s shepherds quarreled with Avram’s shepherds, the two parted ways, with Lot settling in the province of Sodom, which was renowned for its evil inhabitants. After Lot departed, G‑d spoke to Avram again, reiterating His promise to bequeath the land to his descendants, and promising to make his descendants numerous as the soil of the earth.

One commentary says that although Avraham knew that his spirituality was compromised by Lot’s presence, he nonetheless did not chase Lot away until he had no choice. Avraham felt a moral obligation to take care of Lot (including saving him after they parted) even though he knew that G-d was “keeping His distance” with Lot around. Is hospitality more important than receiving the Divine Presence? It seems that way.

Shlomo Ressler