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Daily Aliya for Ki Tetzei, Revii (4th Aliya)

Aliya Summary: Some commandments discussed in this Aliya: maintaining pure and hygienic army encampments, impurity resulting from seminal emissions, prohibition against prostitution, prohibition against lending with interest, and the obligation to honor vows.

In addition to weapons, when going to war we must take with us a stake, so we wouldn’t have to use our hands when relieving ourselves in the field. Why? Because G-d will be with us, and He shouldn’t see anything unseemly. Since there’s nothing G-d doesn’t see, this commandment is for us to heighten our sensitivity to hygiene and appearance, and easily translated to current daily life. In high school I had one Rabbi that always kept himself and his clothes so clean and neat, and he impressed the importance for us to look presentable and proper because of what we represent (the fact that I remember this about him says a lot too). I’m not saying that we need to carry Purrell with us, but we need to be conscious of our appearance and cleanliness.