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Daily Aliya for Kedoshim, Sheni (2nd Aliya)

Aliya Summary: More mitzvot: Not to pervert justice, gossip, be indifferent to a fellow’s predicament, hate a fellow Jew, bear grudges, or take revenge. To reprimand a sinner, and to love every Jew. The following statutes are also given here: not to sow a field with two kinds of seed, wear a garment made of a mixture of wool and linen (shatnez), or crossbreed animals. The Aliya concludes with the laws of one who commits adultery with a half-free maidservant.

R. Chananya b. Akashya says: G-d wanted to merit the Jews, therefore he “heaped” upon us Torah and Mitzvot – these commandments aren’tĀ burdens, but opportunities to strengthen one’s relationship with G-d, knowing what it is that G-d prefers we do/don’t do.